Wishbone Day



Wishbone Day – or the International Day of OI is celebrated on May 6th each year. It is an international awareness day for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) also known as Brittle Bone Disease.

Wishbone Day was initiated by volunteers in Australia in 2010 and has grown to be the biggest international OI-event with contributions from more than 90 countries so far.

Wishbone Day is the voice of people with OI, talking about OI and the things that matter most to them, in their own way. Wishbone Day draws awareness to the contributions of people with OI as well as the challenges of living with OI.

It’s recognized by the colour yellow – which was chosen because it symbolizes optimism and a positive future.

IOIF in collaboration with ORDI organised Wishbone Day for perhaps the first time in India on Sunday, May 5th at Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The venue seemed appropriate for raising awareness because it is thronged by the early morning walkers. With the support of several volunteers who held placards and distributed pamphlets raising awareness for OI. The event was graced by Dr. Tejaswani Anathkumar, of Adamya Chetana Foundation, a social welfare organisation. Patients and families shared their stories of their journey with OI. An OI warrior, Sirisha KV was honoured on the occasion as a role model of living an independent life despite the challenges of having OI.

An inclusive dance team entertained and attracted the crowds for more awareness.

Why is it important to support Wishbone Day?

  • Awareness makes a difference.
  • Shatter assumptions about living with OI.
  • Raise awareness to improve the lives of people living with OI.
  • Celebrate a fun day with an important message.

Why is Wishbone Day important?
Because awareness makes a difference!

Join us for the Wishbone Day – An annual event in May and help us raise awareness for OI.

Wishbone Day Event: