A three year old child, gets funding support for surgery from IOIF

A couple from Raichur, North Karnataka Mohammad Magdoom and Anees Fathima were pregnant with their child when they were informed about an abnormality in the foetus during the ultrasound scan in the second trimester. The couple is from a small town and Mohammad Magdoom is unemployed because of his physical disability due to OI. Anees Fathima, although educated is unable to work because she has to take care of her child born with OI.

Mohammad Shayaan is three years old and has been suffering fractures due to OI since birth. The couple have not been able to find the right treatment until they heard about a free Orthopaedic Camp for Children conducted by Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Marathalli, Bangalore. After preliminary tests by doctors, the couple was informed that Mohammad Shayaan’s physical condition could improve with a corrective surgery that required inserting metal rods in both femurs.

The estimated cost of surgery was Rupees One Lakh and Fifty Thousand which the couple was unable to afford. When IOIF came across their case on Milaap, a crowdfunding platform, we initiated a fundraising in the month of June 2019 and were able to collect a percentage of the cost for the surgery. We interacted with the couple as well as the doctors who would be performing the surgery to ensure that the couple does not lose hope. We also presented this case to Smt. Vyjyanthi, a full-time volunteer at Youth For Seva (YFS) who in-turn contacted a non-profit organisation for the funding. Collective efforts lead to the raising of partial funding of the cost of surgery. 

With support from the doctors who were cordial to reduce the cost of the surgery by waiving off many charges, Mohammad Shayaan underwent a successful operation in August 2019. IOIF members visited him post-surgery and is happy to note that he is recovering well.

The operating surgeons appreciated our approach and intention to help the child, and assured us of support with similar cases in the future.

IOIF Facilitates a Wheelchair Donation

Komal Agarwal from Hyderbad recently reached out to IOIF to inform us that she was keen on donating a wheelchair to a person with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) and would like to personally do this on her visit to Bangalore.

IOIF reached out to a few individuals and organisations to ask if there is anyone with OI requiring a wheelchair. When we contacted the orthopaedic department at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore, we were told about Jasmi who had recently undergone a rodding surgery to treat her brittle bones. Jasmi, a bright, young girl who is studying was facing challenges with her mobility during her visits to the hospital and while attending college.

IOIF facilitated the meeting between Komal (wheelchair donor) and Jasmi (OI patient) at the latter’s home. Komal expressed that she was happy to be part of the experience of giving a person hope, freedom and the gift of mobility. Jasmi was grateful that she will be able to pursue her education with the newfound mobility and stated that “mobility changes everything”.

We at IOIF are happy to have been a part of this exchange because we believe that for people with OI, mobility not only means independence but experiencing life from new heights!

The Time Is Always Right To Do What is Right

Satender (name changed upon request) from Indore who works a night-shift in a BPO, has been living with an undiagnosed type of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) and is wheelchair bound. Being unhappy about his current job, he reached out to IOIF looking for assistance in finding him an alternative job that would minimize his risk of commute and work time. IOIF immediately reached out to people and connected Satender to a Digital Marketing Trainer who has been training people with disabilities all over India. Satender got an insight about training details and was also assured that he would be guided post training in finding suitable assignments. He is currently pursuing Digital Marketing training and is looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. We, at IOIF wish him all the success in becoming an independent productive member of the society. 


This Children’s Day (14th November 2019) is special for 9-year-old Soundarya, who has OI and not been going to school due to immobility. IOIF facilitated a wheelchair donation for the little girl who is looking forward to attending school in her village in Tumkur District. Soundarya has been longing to go to school like all other children of her age to learn and to make new friends. The Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South made her wish come true, by donating a wheelchair. For Soundarya this Children’s Day is an extra special day as she starts going to school in her new wheelchair and will create many childhood memories.


IOIF facilitated a wheelchair donation for 10-year-old Mahalakshmi an OI warrior from Bochihalli village, Tumkur District, Karnataka. Little Mahalakshmi has suffered several fractures due to fragile bones and has undergone multiple surgeries. Her debilitating condition has left her immobile and has to be carried around by her parents. The parents reached out to IOIF for a wheelchair which would give the little girl some degree of independence to move around. The President of the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South, Mrs. Suma Gangadhar came forward to donate the wheelchair and it was given to Mahalakshmi on August 1st, 2020. Since then, she has been using the wheelchair which has given her a fair amount of independence to move around.


Amidst all the negativity we are facing due to the Corona virus pandemic, some positive things are happening around us. These are the things that still give us reasons not to lose hope. Noorulla Huda, from Bangalore, is a 9-year-old boy born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) or Brittle Bone Disease. Due to fractures and deformities, he was unable to stand or walk. The boy’s father, Mohammad Mehboob works as a car mechanic and his mother Jabeen Taj is a housewife with a full-time responsibility of taking care of her son. Hence, the parents were struggling financially to afford the medical expenses.

Noorulla was to undergo surgery at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bangalore for deformity correction and telescopic nailing of the right femur and tibia. The doctors treating brought this to our notice and requested our nonprofit organization, IOIF to support the expenses of the surgery. With the help of Mr. Manjunath Singh and all the kind-hearted donors of Oracle, we managed to provide the required amount for the surgery.

It’s been nearly a month (20th March 2020) since the boy had a successful surgery and is healing quickly. We appreciate the surgeons for the care shown to the boy and his family. Hopefully, in some time with a few follow-ups with the hospital, Noorulla, should be able to show further improvements which will enable him to gain more independence with himself.

Helping Pavitra for her surgery

IOIF had the privilege and honor to help PAVITRA SOMRAI an 8-year-old girl from a small village in Yadagiri district, Gulbarga with a much-needed surgery of her broken left femur bone. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Rudra Prasad and his team at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health (IGICH) by inserting a telescopic nail on August 10th of 2020. Pavitra’s parents are farmers with 3 children. Pavitra is the only child who is affected by OI in their family. She was diagnosed at the age of 6 after enduring many fractures causing severe deformity in both her legs at IGICH. Just one year ago Pavitra had undergone surgeries to straighten her severely deformed tibia. In August of 2020, while she was fast asleep in the night; she rolled down from her bed on to the floor fracturing her left femur bone. Her mother’s strong will power and determination to get her daughter the treatment she needed to heal, brought the duo to IGICH in an overnight bus journey from their village. Pavitra endured the uncomfortable and very painful journey to Bangalore. Every time the bus shook or drove over a bump, the little girl was in tears with pain. With the success of the surgery, we are looking forward to a beautiful and more normal life filled with innocent child activities for Pavitra. At IOIF we continue to celebrate the lives and grit of many innocent and silent sufferers. We are constantly educating the public and graciously accepting funds to help others like Pavitra.