Rare diseases day 2021

An awareness walk in Lalbagh Botanical garden, Bengaluru

The last day of February every year is Rare Diseases Day and this year, it was on Sunday, 28th February 2021. IOIF participated in the ORDI’s (Organization for Rare Diseases India) annual event – Race for 7. Race for 7 is a 7 kilometres run or walk aimed at generating awareness among the general public about the 7,000 plus rare diseases. The event features the need for support for patients and their families who are diagnosed with rare diseases. The participants went across the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, holding banners and speaking to the early morning walkers about rare diseases in general and OI in particular. Many of the enthusiastic participants were those affected by OI. Through events like these, IOIF hopes to raise better awareness which would help in better diagnosis, and treatment of people with rare diseases and especially OI while significantly improving their quality of life.

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