My name is Nunna Aravind Kumar, S/o Mr.Samba Siva Rao, native of Machilipatnam town, Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh. I was born on 3rd of January 1990. It was when I reached the age of 5 years that I started to break my bones even with minimum impact. My parents thought something thing was wrong with me and they took me to Nizam Institute Of Medical Science in Hyderabad. I was diagnosed to have Osteogeneis imperfecta. I had inherited this condition from my mother who has OI type-1. Since my parents are from small town, and there were no qualified doctors back in those days to diagnose her condition and it went un-noticed till she turned 30 and everyone assumed that she was just fragile. 

My initial years was a struggle. When I started going to school, children of my age started bullying and started making fun of me due to my bad posture. Also there were issues within the family too and i was an easy target left to defend myself. So much so that facing the school, facing the neighbours and facing my parents became my biggest challenge. As I reached the age of adolescent I started realizing that I was not just a normal kid like others which made me feel inferior and depressed.  

I pushed myself to finish schooling and then joined college. That is when I made a life changing decision which had profound effect on me. I joined a gym to become physically stronger and prove that I am stronger and more capable than what people thought of me. Although I started with some light workouts and lifting small weights, I was making gradual progress until a major accident occurred in 2009 that left me with a fractured leg and made me immobile for six months. However, I did not give up but got back to the gym again with a stronger will and started to train with weights. Eventually, I shifted from training with weights to weight lifting so I could compete in college level competitions with normal people. My own capabilities surprised me as I got the third place in those competitions. I also wanted to explore other forms of fitness so I started swimming and enrolled in Shito Ryu karate classes in which I have achieved the orange belt and have mastered some self-defence moves. 

As this passion grew stronger in me, I developed other interests as well such as Snake conservation. I completed my studies in law with LLB and I am currently working as an Advocate in the Honourable High Court of Andhra Pradesh. My next goal is to participate in the Iron Man competition and I want to motivate people who face different kinds of challenges in their lives.  

As for me, I choose to see the challenges of having OI as an opportunity which has made me understand that I am more than my condition. I thank IOIF for giving me an opportunity to speak of my journey with OI and raise awareness about it. 


  1. Definitely a standing HIGH example to not only OI but also every person. God has not made every one perfect. Each and every body has some lacuna be it physical or behavioural. You certainly has opened s way. Thanks very very much . God bless. Ravindra palahalli.

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